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Sore Knees - What To DoPain - Exercise Pain
Clayton Lee - Inventor of the Orbiter Trampoline Treadmill
Health Club Members
Company Information
Low Impact Treadmill
Pain Can Take The Joy Away From Living - New Info Weekly

Endorsements - Audio
Jeff Ross, DPM - Podiatrist and Marathon Runner
B.D. Burdeaux, MD - Orthopaedic Surgeon and Researcher
Ray Melchiorre, NBA Head Trainer Steadman Hawkins Clinic
Dr. Bruce Low Discusses Orbite Treadmill
Charles Dillman, Ph.D.

Endorsements - Video
Orbiter Treadmill Master Video Page Link
Jeff Ross, DPM - Podiatrist and Marathon Runner
Warren Moon, NFL Hall of Fame QB
Racecar Driver AJ Foyt
NBA Trainer Ray Melchiorre
Orthopaedic Surgeon Robert Hoekman, MD
Dr Charles Dillman
Physical Therapist - Clinic Director
Dr. Bruce Low - Orthopedic Surgeon - Australia

Endorsements - PDF Documents
Steve Watterson, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach
Racecar Driver A.J. Foyt Report Page #1
Racecar Driver A.J. Foyt Report Page #2
Body Design - Beverly Hills, California
Steadman Sports Medicine Foundatio Research Comparison Study

Research and Information PDF Documents
Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Comparison Study
Evaluation of Orbiter Treadmill as a Rehabilitation Device During Walking - Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine
Orbiter Treadmill Physical Therapy Protocols

Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill Q & A Page 1
Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill Q & A Page 2
Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill Q & A Page 3
Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill Q & A Page 4
Physical Therapy Orbiter Treadmill

CBS News - Benefits of Rebound Trampoline Exercise
Extinguishing Arthritis and Join Pain

Audio Clips

A.J. Foyt Rehabilitation Report on Orbiter Treadmill
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Orbiter Treadmill Study

B.D. Burdeaux, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon Quote

Charles Dillman, Ph.D. Talks About Orbiter Treadmills in Physical Therapy.

How is the Orbiter Treadmill Different From Other Treadmills?

How Does The Orbiter Treadmill Protect Your Body From Impact Shock?

Option #1 Polar¨ Heart Monitor
Option #2 Reverse Proprioceptive Exercise
Orbiter Treadmill Treats A Wide Variety of Injuries
Orbiter Treadmills Conserve Power

Orbiter Treadmill Recreates Flowing Bounding Feel of Real Running
Orbiter Treadmills Accommodate All Sizes and Conditions
Orbiter Treadmill - A New, One of A Kind Walking and Running Experience
Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill - High Efficiency Workout
Orbiter Treadmill Electrical Requirements

Orbiter Treadmill Warranty Info
Orthopedic Surgeon Robert Hoekman, M.D. on Orbiter Treadmill Clinical Uses
Service and Maintenance Information
Warren Moon NFL Hall of Fame QB
Physical Therapist Tom Dolan Talks About Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill
Why Orbiter Treadmill Owners Love Their Orbiter Low Impact Treadmills

Who Is The Typical Orbiter Treadmill Owner?

Why Professional Athletes Train on Orbiter Treadmills

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