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The Orbiter Treadmill allows your body to perform at higher levels, for longer periods of time, using your natural stride walking and running exercise motions. By eliminating high impact shock, owners find they can raise their conditioning faster, lose weight faster, and maintain desired weight levels easier. 
Individuals with back pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, etc., have found help and been able to run and walk in less or often no pain, in home use and in physical therapy - rehabilitation programs. Many Orbiter Treadmill owners had been unable to run for years before the made the decision to purchase their Orbiter. 
Orbiter Treadmill's unique low impact, energy return technology helps protect knees, lower back, entire body from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, overuse syndrome,etc. Energy return you can feel takes your running and walking exercise closer to that experienced by world class athletes - which brings excitement and joy back to your exercise program.


**Listen to Jeff Ross, DPM, MD
Explain Exactly How Orbiter Treadmills Protect Walkers, Joggers & Runners
Dr. Ross is a Past President of The AAPSM (American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine)

Walking, jogging and running are the body's most natural aerobic exercises. If you want to run, power walk, jog and sprint without the impact, the Orbiter Treadmill Experience is for you.




Orbiter Treadmill Sets The Standard In Low Impact Performance
Go Higher. Run farther. No Limits.
You can take your weight loss program,
aerobic, cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary conditioning 

to a higher level on an Orbiter Treadmill


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