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"THE MEN'S JOURNAL BUYING GUIDE" said this about Orbiter trampoline action treadmills:
"This Orbiter treadmill provides something many people thought possible only on the moon: virtually impact free running. Sold largely to medical rehab centers, the Orbiter has a rubbery, suspended running surface that stretches when your foot lands on it. (It felt like I was running on a trampoline.) Designed to deliver a safer workout by softening the impact, it also packs a powerful aerobic punch, working your body 25 percent more than traditional machines, according to a University of Texas study that measured oxygen consumption. I don't doubt it for a second. After 15 minutes, I was thoroughly exhausted. Having one of these at home can give you marathon-caliber endurance - and save your knees from an early retirement.

Sporting curved handlebars and an elevated deck, the futuristic looking Orbiter is jammed with every imaginable feature: automatic heart-rate control, adjustable incline up to a 20 percent grade, a huge running area, and a large, easy-to-read display. It comes with all the standard monitoring functions - time, distance, speed, and calories burned - plus five levels of intensity. Custom programs help users establish individualized regimens of speed training, endurance work, or some combination thereof. Sure, it's an expensive machine, but even Neil Armstrong would be duly impressed."

The Orbiter Treadmill has been a preferred modality in physical therapy centers since 1989. Individuals involved in long distance running often suffer knee pain, back pain, and arthritis pain. Orbiter Treadmills have been utilized to give runners' bodies and joints a welcome break in their training regimens. Cardiovascular fitness exercise is enhanced on an Orbiter Treadmill due to its greater aerobic workload. on YouTube

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