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Orbiter Treadmill Is Low Impact, High Aerobic


Walkers and runners receive a substantially greater cardiovascular workout on an Orbiters and runners receive a substantially greater cardiovascular workout on an Orbiter Treadmill than they do on tracks or other brands of treadmills. Orbiter benefits for users in perfect health & top condition, and for users with special conditions - that no other treadmill and no other workout or machine can offer.



"Our athletes appreciate that they can run for long periods of time without experiencing soreness in their legs or back. I highly recommend Orbiter to anyone who desires to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness while decreasing the soreness that usually accompanies workouts on other treadmills."

Rick Griffin
Head Trainer Seattle Mariners








Low Impact Activity









"Pronation and supination present no problems when running on the Orbiter treadmill's suspended surface. The damaging effects of pronation and supination are problems for runners on hard surfaces, particularly on other treadmills."

Dr. Jeffrey A. Ross, M.D., D.P.M., F.A.C.F.S.
Podiatrist, Marathon Runner, Author, Radio Talk Show Gues
Former President American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine




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