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Proprietary Treadmill Technology
The new Orbiter Treadmill 4.1 utilizes proprietary and trade secret technology that surpasses previous models, yet still includes our trademark flexible trampoline action surface, supported from the sides, rather than from below like other treadmills. Patented breakthrough engineering allows Orbiter Treadmills to eliminate three problems often experienced by standard treadmills and their owners:


Frictional Belt Drag  •  Belt Tracking Problems  •  Impact Shock and Overuse Syndrome to Runners and Walkers  
From the very first step on your new Orbiter Treadmill you will know you made the right choice.

Other Benefits of Orbiter Treadmills:
Electricity usage often less than half that of other treadmills. Because belt friction is non existent on an Orbiter Treadmill, it is not unusual for motor life to extend well past 10 years. 


Plugs into standard 3 prong 110v electrical outlets. Orbiter Treadmills do not require any special wiring, or 220 Volt accommodations.


Accommodates very large individuals and professional athletes.

The loud stomping noise inherent in other treadmill workouts is eliminated by Orbiter's flexible, lateral support technology.


Orbiter Treadmills are tough - Open one up see what’s under the hood. A former sales representative for a major treadmill and fitness machines manufacturer visited our offices and asked if he could see inside an Orbiter Treadmill. We opened it up for him and he said he was shocked, that most of what’s inside commercial had home fitness equipment is “air”, but not the Orbiter Treadmill. His comment: "... I can’t believe the quality and integrity you’ve put into this machine. This Orbiter is built like a tank!" 



Routine maintenance consists of adding a few drops of a suitable brand of high quality oil, or such as Mobil gear oil, through the two convenient access ports, every few weeks, depending on use. The oil used should contain a detergent additive which should help clean any build up residue. Sometimes more often in heavy use commercial environments, usually less often in the home. This simple procedure lubricates and cleans Orbiter's precision tracking rails and transporters. It takes about five minutes. No tools and no mechanical aptitude required.
Customer Service
Orbiter is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Most calls and emails result in quick easy solutions. Should on-site attention be required, Orbiter can dispatch a technician, or work with a tech from your area.

Customer Comments
"...The service provided us by the entire Orbiter organization has been nothing less than professional and thorough. It is a genuine pleasure to deal with them."
Christine MacDonnell, NovaCare, Cupertino, CA


"Orbiter has responded quickly to my needs, and they have been a pleasure to work with."
M. David Granger, P.T., HealthSouth of Matteson

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