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Orthopedic Surgeon Robert Hoekman, MD Talks Orbiter Treadmill

Physician and Therapist Preferred Treadmill For Knee, Back And Lower Body

Orbiter Treadmills have been successfully employed in post surgical, injury and special condition rehabilitation programs since 1989. Physicians, physical therapists and patients have enthusiastically reported 'elimination' to 'significant reduction' of pain, and dramatically improved results when incorporating the Orbiter treadmill into their own personal training and patient treatment programs.

"I used to be a very serious athlete when I was young and my 20's and 30's a serious part-time runner mainly for fitness and enjoyment. In my early 40's when I had a fairly significant left knee injury which led to a complete lateral meniscectomy and a partial medial meniscectomy. I thought I would be able to run again, however I found that was not to be the case. I couldn't impact on the knee anymore.


I became fat and quite depressed about my inability to do any sort of aerobic fitness activities. In my mid 40's I discovered the Orbiter and for the first time in five years I was able to run pain free. I discovered the Orbiter at an Orthopedic convention in Atlanta in 1996. I was so impressed with this machine I had one (converted to 240v) sent to Australia.


Dr. Bruce Low Discusses Orbiter - Video Clip


For the last 8 years I have been religiously running on it every day virtually totally pain free. I have had no deterioration with the state of my left knee despite running up to 20-30 minutes daily at a pace that maintained excellent aerobic fitness and a very healthy body for my age. I am now 52. Even though I live in Australia I have had excellent feedback from the parent company in America. They have given me advice and technical support for minor problems that I have had with the machine over the last six years.

The Orbiter has been extremely reliable and it is the only machine in the world that will allow a decent aerobic workout to someone that has an arthritic condition, that would otherwise not be able to take in a decent exercise regimen and stay fit which is desirable to everyone as we age, but unfortunately not possible for many of us because of varied often chronic painful conditions.

Australian Dr. Bruce Low, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, first purchased an Orbiter II in the 1990s. He now also owns an Orbiter III and an Obiter 4.0. On a visit to Texas prior to purchasing his Orbiter 4.0, Dr. Low ran 30 minutes on one of a new Orbiter 4.0, after which he commented: "This is by far the best Orbiter you've ever made."

Orthopedic Surgeon - Dr. Bruce Keith Low's Website
3/7 Bayswater Road, Hyde Park, Townsville Queensland Australia

"The Orbiter that I purchased approximately six years ago has been a great assist in our physical therapy clinic for all manner of injured patients. Its rubber trampoline type surface has been of great worth for rehab for people with injured hips, knees, ankles, feet, and back which allows for rehabilitation with low impact in their programs. I hope to be looking towards purchasing another Orbiter in the future and look forward to dealing with you again."
Gary W. Garrison, R.P.T.. and Lon M. Egbert, A.T.C., M.S.R.P.
Total Physical Therapy & Back To Work Clinic
Elko, Nevada

"The Orbiter allows us to exercise our patients on a treadmill without damaging their joints, and this has had the effect of speeding up the rehabilitation process tremendously. We have also found it to be excellent in the development of balance, proprioception, and intrinsic muscle groups."
Kevin Stone, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon
The Stone Clinic - San Francisco, CA



Orbiter's unique design virtually eliminates the shock of ambulatory exercise, enabling rehabilitation to begin sooner, minimizing muscular reeducation, and speeding up the recovery process.


At the heart of the Orbiter Treadmill is its multi patented shock absorbing surface, supported from the sides, instead of below. When a patient's foot strikes this surface, the shock is absorbed by Orbiter, not by the patient. The result is walking and running exercise without the trauma of hard surfaces.


"The ability to use the Orbiter Treadmill much sooner in rehabilitation (than other treadmills) helps quicken patients' return to full function. We are impressed with the truly low impact surface and enhanced aerobic benefits of the Orbiter. Orbiter's suspended shock absorbing surface puts it above and beyond all other treadmills."
Richard Steadman, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Vail, Colorado
Download PDF of Steadman Sports Medicine Foundation Study



Orbiter's therapeutic surface allows for early post surgical ambulatory conditioning for many back and lower body injuries, providing patients with comfortable non traumatic walking and running exercise that can be repeated over and over in rehab with complete confidence. Orbiter Treadmills have been successfully utilized for pain management and in physical therapy protocols since 1989. 


Video Clip:

"Orbiter is the best thing on the market for rehabilitating and conditioning the lower back and lower extremities."
Charles Rickard, R.P.T.
23 Year Physical Therapist
Florence, Alabama

Impact is absorbed and dissipated by the Orbiter Treadmill's suspended, flexible, low-impact running and walking surface, instead of the patient's joints, bones and soft tissue.

"The Orbiter treadmill absorbs the force generated at heel strike instead of transmitting it upward through the leg."
Judith A. Cooper, M.P.A., M.A., R.P.T.
Former Director of Rehabilitation Hartford Hospital - Hartford Conn.

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