How It Works - Orbiter Treadmill
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How It Works - Orbiter Treadmill
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How It WORKs - Orbiter Treadmill





Orbiter unites the treadmill's stable moving surface, with the shock absorbing, energy returning benefits of a trampoline. Because there is no rigid support below Orbiter's running surface, the impact you would normally receive (and do receive on other treadmills) is absorbed, then transformed into true energy return by Orbiter's one-of-a-kind suspension system. Your bones, joints and soft tissues are protected from the short and long term effects of repetitive impact shock, sometimes referred to as overuse syndrome.


On an Orbiter - running and walking become low-impact exercises that are safe, comfortable, and challenging. The interacting forces of Gravity, Acceleration and Deceleration are often cited by trampoline researchers and enthusiasts as providing unique health benefits for users. These same forces combine with walking and running to create a dynamic workout that can be repeated without the trauma associated with continuous conditioning programs.


Helps prevent runner's knee and overuse syndrome, while providing high aerobic activity.

Download PDF of CBS News report on how these forces interact with the body.


Beware of claims by various treadmill companies claiming their models are "low impact", "shock free", "no impact", "no shock", etc.


How can Orbiter do what no other treadmill or exercise surface can do?
Orbiter was invented by an Clayton Lee, who in his early twenties, suffered a severe knee injury (see surgeon's description of injury on the History page) while playing football. He founded Orbiter (the company) in 1987 with Shearson Lehman Brothers office mate Bill Walstead, Knox Hughes, and Jeff Meredith to produce the finest a new, better walking and running experience. No corners are cut in production of an Orbiter.


Clayton Lee's Orbiter invention, which he initially named "Rollerbounce" centers on his idea for a suspended, flexible, yet stable rolling surface. This system absorbs and dissipates impact shock while delivering comfort and energy return that are beyond comparison.


Orbiter Treadmills allow walkers and runners to decelerate naturally and completely, before beginning their next cycle of acceleration which is aided by the surface in the form of rear foot vertical lift, a phenomenonal exercise experience usually reserved for world class athletes.


Orbiter allows a walker or runner's legs to reach a more natural extension than is otherwise possible. This 'natural leg extension' simply feels great. Orbiter is designed to deliver the perfect amount of deceleration and acceleration every time to every walker and runner, regardless of the user's height or weight, or fast or slow the exerciser is walking or running.


Since 1989 we have offered an open challenge to any and all treadmill companies for a filmed public preference comparison. So far, we have no takers. No other treadmill compares to the comfort of an Orbiter. That's not bragging, it's a fact.


The many advantages of owning the new and improved Orbiter Treadmill 4.1 will be apparent from the first time you step on its surface. Countless hours and many years of innovation and dedication have been applied to bring you this fine, one of a kind product. Orbiters have been enjoyed by users in the USA and around the world for more than twenty one years. The new Orbiter 4.1 is unquestionably the best Orbiter ever built. Immediate availabilty. Call today. We are proud and happy to serve you.



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