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The Orbiter Treadmill Experience Low Impact Running
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The Orbiter Treadmill Experience

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Orbiter Treadmills

"Absolutely the most useful new machine in years. This is the first time I have run without pain in 10 years."

"Love it; get two more!"

"Greatest addition yet, wish the wait wasn't so long. Please install more of them."

"I had a great experience! There's NOTHING else like it!"

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"I used the Orbiter today and LOVE IT! I have joint problems and had to give up hard surface running. I have found the Orbiter to feel good on my body. Thank you!"

"This is the first machine that I have been able to raise a good sweat on. It is easy on the knees. The computer digital readouts allow a good exercise monitor. I feel that a few more should be added to the club."

"First time in years that I can run without pain and injury. The waiting time to get on the Orbiters is too long."

"DITTO - Loud and clear with the above comment - Fabulous for ex-runners who can't do pavement bashing anymore- Are you going to get some for the women's gym too?"

"Fantastic- Run without pain."

"Best workout ever! It's too good to limit to 15 minutes. More people should have the opportunity to use one."

"I like it. It feels smooth and absorbs shocks that come from hard surfaces. I vote for it."


"I am dying to get more time on the ORBITER; no one will let you take cuts and I'm always running out of time for working out on it. Please get more!!!
It's so much fun!

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