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Orbiter Treadmills

The Preferred Treadmill For Arthritis

Trampoline Like Comfort
High Cardio Aerobic Treadmill Workout Therapeutic Exercise
Physical Therapy Modality Since 1989

Do You Experience Arthritis Pain When You Walk, Jog or Run?
Orbiter Treadmill Has Helped Many
Who Could Not Run Due to Joint Pain, to Run Again

Arthritis Exercise

Treadmill or Track: Premature Leg Path Termination.
Orbiter Treadmill: Natural Full Stride.


Only The Orbiter Treadmill Absorbs and Disipates Shock 
Before It Reaches You,
Turning Impact Pain
Into Gentle Energy Return Vertical Lift

Orbiter Treadmills have been used in physical therapy, 

and homes for pain management of knee pain, 

back pain, low back pain, arthritis pain, 

and other connective tissue disorders, 

chronic and acute, since 1989.



Orbiter's natural stride ultra low impact technology,
originally designed as a moving trampoline, 

provides a level of comfort not possible
on any other treadmill, walking or running surface. 



Many who have been unable to run or even walk
at levels 
suitable for aerobic fitness conditioning, 

have been able to run again
on the Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill.



 The American Medical Association Says:

"Walking is a good exercise
for relieving the pain
and stiffness of arthritis.



You should avoid high-impact exercises
such as jogging, tennis,
or step aerobics
because they can put
too much pressure
on your joints
and can worsen your symptoms.




Orbiter has helped persons suffering from injury or pain due to Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia, knee pain, back pain, lower back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, foot pain, and other connective disease conditions, acute and chronic joint pain.

Please Visit the Following Links: 
Dr. Bruce Keith Low: Osteoarthritis Information
 Stress Fractures

Shin Splints


Please Click Here Now
Listen to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Bruce Keith Low's
Enthusiastic Orbiter Treadmill Endorsement
Based On His Running Daily
On His Orbiter Treadmills
Since the mid 1990s.


Orbiter treadmills have been used extensively in home exercise fitness programs, and is a standard in physical therapy.

Weight loss

Cardiopulmonary Conditioning

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Work Hardening

Athletic Conditioning

Arthritis Exercise

Pain Management

Reduce Swelling - Reduce Edema

Increase Circulation

Increase Balance and Coordination

Fat loss

Low Energy - To improve energy levels

Knee Surgery

Runner's Knee

Ankle Sprain

Hip pain, other hip problems

Adbominal Shaping

Buttox Shaping and Toning

Lower Back Pain




The Orbiter Treadmill 4.1 is different from all other treadmills. Orbiter takes the shock and pain out of exercise, providing a natural walking and running experience, with a much greater cardio workout.


Now you can enjoy greater weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning benefits without sacrificing your body to the shock of high impact running and walking exercise.

Experience what owning an Orbiter Low Impact Treadmill can do for your body, your workouts, your life.

For Optimum Care and Conditioning of the Human Body

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