Reviews and Testimonials

Orbiter Treadmill Reviews and Testimonials

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Orthopedic Surgeon Recommends Orbiter Treadmill
For Patients and Non-Patients

“Orbiter is the ideal treadmill for recovering orthopedic patients, and for healthy joggers, runners and walkers.”
B.D., Burdeaux, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., P.A. (deceased)
Houston Orthopedic Surgeon
Former President of the Texas Association of Orthopedic Surgeons

Olympic Training
Orbiter Treadmill Speeds Knee and Leg Injury Recovery For Olympian
“The injuries I have sustained over the past few years – especially my latest knee and leg injuries – have made it a challenge to recover and get myself in the best possible shape to compete in the 2002 Olympic Games. I couldn’t believe it! Shortly after my latest injuries, I was able to recover and work out on the ORBITER without pain, while pain kept me from using a regular treadmill. The ORBITER low impact treadmill has played a key role in speeding up my recovery, as well as continuing my ongoing training program. I have benefited greatly from the ORBITER’s low impact surface and hope other athletes have the opportunity to do the same.”
Picabo Street
Olympic Gold Medal Ski Champion

Professional Baseball
Orbiter Treadmill Gives Fresh Legs and Eliminates Leg Pain for
Pro Baseball Hall of Famer

“After a year of running on our Orbiter my wife and I have found that it has  eliminated the hard rigorous pounding and joint pain of running on a track or other treadmills. The cardiovascular workout is also greater. My wife loves the Orbiter and uses it at  least four days a week with great results. Due to my high activity level, especially in tennis, I feel that training on the Orbiter gives me fresh legs for the hard surfaces I encounter. I would highly recommend the Orbiter to anyone who wants a great workout with low impact on their joints.”
Joe Morgan
Hall Of Fame Professional Baseball

Physical Therapy Patient with Bulging Disks and Sciatica
“I Could Immediately Tell The Difference . . .”

“I began therapy about two months ago. I have two bulging disks and sciatica in both legs. I could immediately feel the difference when I started walking on the   Orbiter treadmill as opposed to walking on pavement, or other treadmills. In therapy I perform extension exercises and have daily walks on the Orbiter. I know I would not be doing as well as I am if I was not walking on the Orbiter. My back especially needs the walking exercise, but my leg pain is made many times worse by walking on hard surfaces. Along with the McKensie exercises, the Orbiter treadmill is the foundation of my recovery process.”
Eva N. Edwards
Back and Leg Patient

Physical Therapist: “Orbiter Treadmill Helps Patients Get Back On Their Feet Faster”
Over the past 10 weeks we have been tracking our patient population and have the observations regarding the Orbiter Treadmill. The Orbiter reduces impact of gait and therefore on the body. Over 30% of our patients who use the Orbiter do not  tolerate other equipment for aerobic exercise and would not be able to get an  aerobic workout.

Patients with Achilles and Patellar tendonitis enjoy prolonged walking and running without inflammation. Post surgical and fractured feet get walking 50% sooner
on the Orbiter than has been our history.

Long-standing and severe dysfunction in the spine has limited some patients from  aerobic exercise for years until we were able to offer them the Orbiter. The remaining patients who utilize the Orbiter are functionally able to utilize and tolerate our other equipment but use the Orbiter because they prefer it over the other  equipment. Our patient population chooses the Orbiter Treadmill over our other treadmills 95% of the time. Post-surgical knee patients and athletes are happy to progress more quickly into high level weight bearing and running activities with the Orbiter. Even our high level functioning patient groups, such as the avid runners, report getting an extra challenging workout on the Orbiter.”
Christine MacDonnell, P.T.

Marathon Runner and Orthopedic Surgeon
After A Three Hour Running Workout On His Orbiter Treadmill

“I ran on the Orbiter Treadmill for three hours and fifteen minutes, about twenty miles. I was tired at the end of the run but really had no soreness or muscle pain. I did not have any joint pain whatsoever that day, or the next day which is a significant difference from the amount of joint discomfort I usually feel even after a fifteen to eighteen mile run.”
R.E. Hoekman, M.D., P.A., F.A.A.O.S.
Orthopedic Surgeon and Marathon Runner, Houston, Texas (now retired)

Robert E. Hoekman, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon and Marathon Runner, Houston, Texas

Former NFL Player  

“I could’ve played two more years (in the NFL) if I’d had an Orbiter Treadmill.”
Jerrel Wilson
NFL Super Bowl Punter

Endometriosis Patient
“Before my recent surgery to remove endometriosis, I was in considerable pain which came & went depending on my activities. A few weeks  before my surgery I went for a slow leisurely walk in the park with my husband. The following day I was in so much pain from the endometriosis that I had to spend all  day in bed.

About a week later I was introduced to the Orbiter treadmill. It was very smooth and flowing.  It felt so good that I went against my better judgment and jogged on it for over thirty minutes.  I am a fitness walker and usually hate to jog or run, but the Orbiter felt so good I couldn’t help myself.  This was the first time I can remember actually enjoying jogging.  I went home feeling great but thinking I’d be paying the price that night and the next day with endometriosis pain.  To my surprise, I had no pain at all that night or the next day.   In my surgery Dr. Nosaville removed the  endometriosis.  He also removed an enlarged appendix and additional scar tissue around my fallopian tubes.  A week later I went in for a check-up.  Dr. Nosaville first told me to wait a minimum of twelve weeks after the surgery to have any strenuous exercise.  It was then I told him about my experience of pain after walking in the park, but no pain after jogging on the Orbiter treadmill’s flexible surface.  I gave him literature on the Orbiter and he promised to call me back later that evening after he reviewed it.  Dr. Nosaville said that if I was exercising on an Orbiter, I could probably start in three to four weeks after my surgery.  Thanks for a  such a super treadmill.  I had no idea anything like this even existed.  It would definitely help other women who have had endometriosis and related problems such as I have had.”
Donna S. Thomas
Endometriosis Patient

Physical Therapist
Clinic Uses Orbiter Treadmill To Rehab Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Back

“Thank you for the Orbiter that I purchased approximately 6 years ago – it has been  a great assist in our physical therapy clinic for all manner of injured patients. It has been of great worth as a low impact unit for rehab of people with injured and post surgical hips, knees, ankles, feet, back and that manner of injured areas which allows for rehabilitation with low impact in their programs.”
Gary W. Garrison, R.P.T.
Elko, Nevada

Orbiter Treadmill Extends Professional Sports Career

“I could not have played my last year without the Orbiter.”
Mike Munchack, Nine Times Pro Bowl
Former NFL Offensive Line Coach Tennessee Titans

Orbiter Treadmill Accelerates Rehabilitation Protocol

“Orbiter has helped us tremendously in accelerating rehabilitation protocol. My  athletes especially like the decreased stress on their lower extremities. This is  extremely important for veteran athletes.  Several of our players, the team owner
and one of his friends have also purchased Orbiters for their homes.”
Gary E. Briggs, A.T.C.
Former NBA Head Trainer Cleveland Cavaliers

Treadmill Better Than Advertised

“The Orbiter Treadmill is the only exercise machine I’ve seen that really delivers what the literature promises.  In fact, it’s better than advertised.  On the Orbiter, I get a great workout and I’m not stowed up for 3 days afterward, like I am after running on the football field or on a treadmill. If it wasn’t for the Orbiter, I’d have to get my aerobic exercise on a stationary bike. This is the first running I’ve done in years; it’s just too painful on hard surfaces.”
Kim Helton
Former Houston Oilers Offensive Line Coach
Former Head Coach University of Houston Cougars

Auto Racing Legend and
Four Time Indy 500 Winner
Praises Orbiter Treadmill

“Race car driver A.J. Foyt credits the Orbiter treadmill as the most important piece of equipment in his rehabilitation from severe injuries suffered at the 1990 Texaco-Havoline 200.”
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