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The new Clayton Lee designed Orbiter Treadmill
A walking, jogging, running exercise experience
never before possible
 on any treadmill make or model,
. . . or any previous Orbiter Treadmill. (I, II, III, or IV)

For Optimal Care and Conditioning of the Human Body

healthclub-fitness-treadmill-lrgOrbiter Treadmills take the impact, pain and trauma out of walking, jogging and running. Many runners, walkers and joggers with arthritis in their knees, back, ankles, and lower back report they walk and run pain free on Orbiter Treadmills.

Orbiter treadmills deliver an incredible cardio treadmill workout for fast weight loss and improved physical therapy protocols.

Run, jog and walk more often, for longer distances, without the pain and stiffness that comes with impact exercise?  Save your knees and back from soreness, arthritis, gout while getting more of what you want.

Orbiter Treadmill’s unique low impact design combines trampoline like comfort with extraordinary the stability of running on a track or treadmilll. Orbiter Treadmills are the most effective product or way for eliminating impact and pain from running and walking.

The Knee Pain Free Treadmill
Orbiter Treadmills have been used by knee, back, foot, ankle and arthritis patients in physical therapy programs, and at home. The Orbiter Treadmill reduces or eliminates the impact related pain most arthritis users experience when they run or walk. Orbiter Treadmill owners immediately discover they can run & walk farther, more often at a higher intensity than ever before.

From professional athletes in peak fitness condition, to arthritis and post-op patients in physical therapy recovering from knee injury, back pain, or surgery, such as repair or reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, and other types of arthroscopic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

From everyday people with knee pain or back pain who are improving their cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary fitness, to athletes looking for a real competitive edge, to those searching for a way to run, walk and jog while dealing with arthritis, gout and other connective disease disorders.

From the U.S. Military bases across the country and NASA’s Astronaut conditioning, training and injury rehabilitation programs, to heads of international corporations, to European royalty.  All have discovered that the Orbiter Treadmill removes high impact shock from running, jogging and walking exercise, and transforms high impact into safe, comfortable low impact exercise – with true energy return for unequaled acceleration, deceleration, weight loss, and therapeutic benefits found previously only in trampoline exercise.

The Orbiter Treadmill with suspended trampoline-like surface, is the world’s premier running & walking aerobic exercise workout, weightloss and endorphin producing low impact treadmill.

1. Protects Knees and Back From Impact Trauma and Injury
2. Run Farther and More Often Without Stressing Joints
2. Weight Loss – Greatest Treadmill Aerobic Workout
3. Therapeutic Knee Pain Relief Exercise, Often Pain Free
4. Increase Energy

Orbiters Have a Unique Trampoline-Like Walking Surface Trampoline Workouts Info: Trampoline Exercise Benefits Article PDF

  • Increase the lymphatic system’s circulation (the body’s waste removal system), improving efficiency of the immune system.
  • Increase bone density – great exercise for preventing osteoporosis.
  • Works to tone and tighten skin – due to the increase in lymphatic system circulation.”

Knee Pain Hurt When You Jog, Run or Walk?
Back Pain Hurt When You Jog, Run or Walk?
Would you like to experience these exercises without pain?

Orbiter Treadmills protect knees, hips, shins, ankles, feet, back, lower back and entire body from pain and injury that can result from repetitive impact shock experienced during running and walking workouts. For more than twenty years, people who could not run or power walk due to pain report – running and walking knee pain free on Orbiter Treadmills.

Want to Lose Weight?
Can you maintain your target weight?
Orbiter Treadmills deliver a documented higher cardio workout than any other treadmill, despite advertising claims of lesser, more promoted brands.
Orbiter’s powerful weight loss workout can be repeated daily (or more)
without the user experiencing overuse syndrome of aching joint pain.
Your body won’t require time to recover from the high impact pounding
it takes from other treadmills because the impact is simply negligible.

The Orbiter Treadmill has a stable, suspended flexible surface, perfect for running and walking. This incredible surface design engineering transforms high impact running into low impact exercise while delivering the greatest cardio conditioning.