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Professional and amateur athletes have train on Orbiter Treadmills since 1989 to train and condition without the wear and tear on their bodies they receive on hard surfaces.
The Orbiter Treadmill’s design allows athletes to maintain fresh legs and not re-injur post-op and post injury conditions.

“Orbiter made me feel I’d rediscovered the spring and bounce of my youth. Orbiter’s sensation of airborne propulsion captures the true joy of sprinting that only world class athletes usually get to experience. It is the only treadmill that recreates the flowing, bounding sensation of world class running.
Steve Williams – Former World Class Sprinter

Consultant to Olympic & Professional Athletes and Pro Sports Teams

Sports Medicine
The Orbiter shock absorbing treadmill revolutionized many standard protocols of athletic rehabilitation in the 1990’s, especially in dealing with the time constraints of professional and collegiate athletes.

“I’m able to get players walking and jogging on the Orbiter that can barely limp on a regular surface due to the pain.”
Ray Melchiorre 
Former Head Trainer Houston Rockets during Back To Back NBA Championships Professional and collegiate trainers have discovered they can be more aggressive with initiating ambulation and reeducation of the gait mechanism using an Orbiter Treadmill.

While playing for the Houston Oilers, Warren Moon suffered from severe patella tendonitis. He used the Orbiter as his main modality:
(a) to build cardiovascular conditioning,
(b) as a warm up for weight lifting & before practices, and
(c) whenever prescribed and needed during his rehabilitation.

Trainer Ray Melchiorre Talks Orbiter Treadmill

“There’s no question Orbiter helped me get back on the field faster after I had my knee scoped (arthriscopic surgery) a few years ago. Orbiter takes the pressure off my joints and legs.”

Warren Moon
NFL Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame QB



In all sports, getting athletes back to health and back in the game as soon as possible is the goal. Orbiter is the best way to accomplish this goal because Orbiter’s industry unique no-hard-impact surface allows aggressive walking – jogging – running rehabilitation sooner than is otherwise possible on other treadmills or surfaces.

Before the Orbiter, patients undergoing rehabilitation were placed in ‘rehab limbo’. They  were allowed to work on specific fitness components such as range of motion, flexibility, and strength, but were usually restricted from aggressive running and walking. The main reason for these limitations was the negative effect that walking and running (on hard surfaces) has on the body. Cumulative high impact often has degenerative effects on patients with a variety of disabling pathologies.

Special Circumstances
Many users with special conditions have reported benefiting from the Orbiter Treadmill’s flexible Kevlar® reinforced surface.
A few examples include:

1. Reconstructive surgery
2. Chronic tendonitis
3. Hip surgery
4. Exercise during pregnancy
5. Arthritis pain
6. Chronic and acute sciatica
6. Women with endometriosis
7. Sjogren’s syndrome affected joints
8. Runners following surgery to repair complete lateral meniscectomy and partial medial meniscectomy
9. Low back pain
10. Knee pain
11. Ankle pain and swelling
12. Persons restricted from running due to back or lower extremity (hip, knee, leg, ankle & foot) injuries can often run without pain on Orbiters. We have no reports of anyone receiving these type benefits from any other brand of treadmill.


Professional Athletes and Trainers
Talk about their experiences with Orbiter Treadmills

“After a year of running on our Orbiter my wife and I have found that it has eliminated the hard rigorous pounding and joint pain of running on a track or other treadmills. Due to my high activity level, especially in tennis, I feel that training on the Orbiter gives me fresh legs for the hard surfaces I encounter.”
Joe L. Morgan, Professional Baseball Hall of Fame

“We were the second team in the NBA to utilize the Orbiter in 1990, and it has helped tremendously in accelerating rehabilitation protocol. My athletes like the Orbiter so much that several of them, as well as the team’s owner have purchased their own.”
Gary E. Briggs, ATC, Head Trainer Cleveland Cavaliers

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