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Orbiter Questions, Orbiter Answers

Orbiter Treadmill
Delivers Real Low Impact Running and Walking. Protects Runners and Walkers From Overuse Syndrome, Impact Related Pain and Injury. 

Q: I have a pain when I try to jog or run. Could an Orbiter low impact
treadmill really help me?
A: Orbiter has helped many people run pain free who have pain in their
legs or lower body and also back pain

Questions and Answers Brochure #1 PDF

Questions and Answers Brochure #1 PDF

Questions and Answers Brochure #1 PDF

Questions and Answers Brochure #1 PDF

Q: Why do you you have the Moon in your logo?
A: The gravitational forces on the Moon are less than on those Earth. Impact levels on the Orbiter are so much less than other treadmills that the term ‘quantum leap’ is an appropriate description of the difference. Comparing the Moon’s G-Forces to those on Earth is roughly equivalent to comparing Impact Shock levels on the Orbiter to those on other treadmills.

Orbiter Treadmills were reported consistently preferred over other treadmills, by huge margins. Ninety-five percent (95%) preferred Orbiter (over the other treadmill) in one physical therapy center, according to the center’s director. One research study in an orthopedic rehabilitation setting had to be abandoned when the patient
control group refused to use the other treadmill, after speaking with fellow patients in the Orbiter patient group.

Q: With Orbiter’s almost no impact walking and running, do I still receive a good workout?
The results of a study performed at the University of Texas and published in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, showed individuals process significantly more oxygen while training on Orbiters than other treadmills. Heart rate is also increased by about 10%.

Q: I’m interested in losing weight. Can buying an Orbiter help me?
A: The often quoted, published and republished 1996 study performed at the University of Wisconsin found that persons using conventional treadmills burned significantly more calories than did persons using other kinds of workout equipment such as bikes, stair climbers and ski machines.

Q: What do the pros say about Orbiter?
A: Professional athletes & trainers have told us they prefer working out on an Orbiter Treadmill because it:

  • Saves their legs for actual competition.
  • Helps reduce down time from injury.
  • Helps improve balance and  coordination.
  • Helps optimize and extend athletic careers.