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healthclub-fitness-treadmill-lrgOrbiter Treadmills take the impact and trauma out of walking, jogging and running. Runners, walkers and joggers with pain in their knees, back, ankles, and lower back can walk & run on an Orbiter with little or no pain.

Orbiter Treadmills deliver a higher cardio workout for higher endorphin production, faster weight loss and improved physical therapy protocols.

An Orbiter Treadmill allows users train, run & walk for longer sessions, without pain & stiffness. Even gout sufferers have reported walking and jogging on their Orbiter Treadmill without pain – even when the gout causes them considerable pain just walking across the room, while getting more of the exercise they want and need.

Orbiter’s unique engineering combines precise flex energy-return with the stability of a track, beach or path. Say goodbye to cumulative impact overuse damage for good! 

Orbiter Treadmills have been used extensively in physical therapy programs, private homes, professional athletes rehab, United States Military, and NASA training facilities. Many physical therapists have reported that switching to an Orbiter Treadmill has shortened knee and back surgery rehab, while providing a much more comfortable treatment modality that is preferred by virtually all their patients. 

Whether you have suffered from knee pain, back pain, or someone who wants to up your game – the Orbiter Treadmill stands alone. Improving cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary fitness without damaging the body is critical for competitive or health conscious athletes of all ages. The Orbiter Treadmill is your answer.  The Orbiter Treadmill’s flexible suspended surface, is the world’s premier running & walking experience! 

Orbiter Treadmill
1. Protects Knees and Back 
2. Run Longer Without Stressing Joints
3. Provides Greater Cardio Workouts
4. Overuse Syndrome Eliminated 
5. Reduced
Electrical Power Usage
Orbiter Treadmill’s suspended-surface engineering delivers more results in less time – without damaging your body.  The Orbiter Treadmill is the perfect running and walking experience – for physical therapy and physical fitness.  
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