Pro Sports

Professional and amateur athletes train on Orbiter Treadmills in order to generate higher intensity aerobics without the wear and tear on their bodies they receive on hard surfaces.

Athletes can train closer to athletic events on an Orbiter Treadmill and  maintain fresh legs. The chance of injury (and re injury) is less performing true low impact exercise than high impact exercise.

Many treadmills now claim to be low impact. While they may be improved, they do not match Orbiter Treadmill standards. Not in impact reduction and not in cardio workout. There is only one true low impact treadmill with significantly greater aerobic workout, and it’s name is The Orbiter Treadmill.

Sports Medicine
The Orbiter shock absorbing treadmill revolutionized many standard protocols of athletic rehabilitation in the 1990’s, especially in dealing with the time constraints of professional and collegiate athletes.

“I’m able to get players walking and jogging on the Orbiter that can barely limp on a regular surface due to the pain.”

Ray Melchiorre –
Head Trainer Houston Rockets during Back To Back NBA Championships

Professional and collegiate trainers have discovered they can be more aggressive with initiating ambulation and reeducation of the gait mechanism using an Orbiter Treadmill.

While playing for the Houston Oilers, Warren Moon suffered from severe patella tendonitis. He used the Orbiter as his main modality:
(a) to build cardiovascular conditioning,
(b) as a warm up for weight lifting & before practices, and
(c) whenever prescribed and needed during his rehabilitation.

Trainer Ray Melchiorre Talks Orbiter Treadmill

no question Orbiter helped me get back on the field faster after I had
my knee scoped (arthriscopic surgery) a few years ago. Orbiter takes
the pressure off my joints and legs."


Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame QB