New Orbiter Treadmill 4.1


  1. Wireless Polar Heart Monitoring System:  $300.00
  2. Reverse:  $150.00

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Orbiter Treadmill - Updated Units*
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Local Houston Area Delivery and Set Up
$200.00 - February Special
Freight and Set Up Pricing: Per Location

Orbiter Treadmill Specifications

Lowest Impact Treadmill On Planet Earth
Surface: Length 56" • Width 20"
Total Footprint: 70" x 38"
Left Handrail - Elevation Control
Right Handrail - Speed Control: 0.10 (1/10) MPH Increments
User Capacity - 500 lbs.
Total Weight 550 lbs.
Control Panel
- Pro Athletic Trainer Workouts
- User Defined Workouts
- Manual Control Workouts
- Calories
- Elapsed Time
- Option: Polar Wireless Heartrate Elevation Keeps Users in Their Target Heart Range
- Option: Reverse

Orbiter Treadmill 4.1
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World's Most Comfortable Treadmill - Guaranteed!
A Perfect Walking & Running Experience!

Orbiter Treadmills Conserve Electricity orbiter-treadmill-controlpanel-l[1]

Integrated Polar® Heart Rate Monitor & Control

Weight Loss Programs
Heart Rate Monitoring
Cardiovascular &
Cardiopulmonary Conditioning
Fitness Training

Reverse Surface Direction


Sport Training
Proprioceptive Exercise

Proprietary Treadmill Technology
The Orbiter 4.1's reinvented proprietary technology surpasses anything we have done before, yet still includes our trademark supporting a flexible suspended trampoline like surface, supported from the sides, rather than from below as are other treadmills.

The Orbiter Treadmill's patented system eliminates four standard problems other treadmills have:

1. Frictional Belt Drag
2, Belt Tracking Problems
3. Impact Shock to the Runner or Walker
4. Wear and tear on drive motors due to torque of under surface belt friction.

From the very first step on your new Orbiter Treadmill you will know you made the right choice.

  • Electricity use is much less, sometimes by as much as 75%!
  • Plugs into standard 3 prong 110v electrical outlets.
  • Quieter - That loud 'stomping' noise inherent in other treadmills - is eliminated by
  • Orbiter's suspended trampoline like surface technology.
  • Orbiters are tough - open one up and you will be impressed. Common replies by surprised customers and techs alike have been, "This thing is built like a tank - other fitness products are mostly air!"

Routine maintenance accomplished with an inexpensive spray can lubricant, applied through the two convenient access ports, every 2 - 6 weeks, depending on use. This simple procedure lubricates and cleans Orbiter's precision tracking rails and transporters. It takes about five minutes. No tools or mechanical aptitude required.

Customer Service
Orbiter's Customer Service Department is dedicated to Your Complete Satisfaction! Most calls and emails result in quick easy solutions. Should on-site attention be required, we can dispatch a technician, often from your area, soon after your call.
Email For Orbiter Treamill Service and Parts.

Quality Control
We check and recheck each component as Orbiters are assembled and test them thoroughly before they are shipped to you. Retesting of the mechanical and electronics function is standard procedure. Before an Orbiter leaves the factory, it must pass an extensive quality control check list to ensure you will receive a great smooth running, high performing machine that will exceed your expectations.

Customer Comments
"...The service provided us by the entire Orbiter organization has been nothing less than professional and thorough. It is a genuine pleasure to deal with them."
Christine MacDonnell, NovaCare, Cupertino, CA

"Orbiter has responded quickly to my needs, and they have been a pleasure to work with."
M. David Granger, P.T., HealthSouth of Matteson